Privileged Password Management for ePolicy Orchestrator

With BeyondTrust Password Safe and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), IT organizations can centrally manage privileged credentials and access policies through a single console.

Key Features

  • Discover and Onboard Assets into Password Safe Directly from McAfee ePO: McAfee ePO provides synchronization options to identify whether a system is currently under management by Password Safe. If desired, an unmanaged system may be onboarded directly from the ePO console.
  • Release Privileged Credentials through the ePO Console: A user who has logged into the ePO console can select a system, and then select a managed credential they are authorized to retrieve the password for.
  • Manage and Rotate Account Passwords on Selected Devices: From within ePO, a user can select one or more systems, and choose to cycle the passwords for all associated managed accounts.
  • Pass McAfee ePO Tags as Keyword Attributes in Password Safe: Systems in Password Safe may be tagged with specific keywords from ePO Tags. This allows Smart Rules to dynamically group assets for such actions as quarantine and role reassignment.
  • Add/Remove Managed Accounts from the ePO Console: By selecting any Password Safe managed system, new and existing accounts may be brought under management directly via contextual actions.
  • Launch Secure Sessions through the ePO Console: Password Safe offers customers the ability to remotely connect to devices and endpoints without knowledge of the credentials being used. From the McAfee ePO console, the user can select a Password Safe managed system, and then select an action to automatically launch an SSH or RDP session to the asset—without displaying the credentials