ServiceNow and BeyondTrust

ServiceNow and BeyondTrust Integration Use Cases

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on ServiceNow solutions for service management across IT, human resources, facilities, field service, and several other disciplines. ServiceNow integrates with BeyondTrust to reduce risk and increase visibility enterprise-wide, offering a single platform to:

  • Centralize, manage and track security incidents
  • Enrich incident profiles with threat intelligence data
  • Streamline response and remediation workflows

By using BeyondTrust solutions for privileged access management and vulnerability management in concert with ServiceNow, organizations can:

  • Validate tickets prior to providing privileged user access
  • Securly store ServiceNow credentials
  • Authorize users to perform specific administrative actions without logging on as admins
  • Import and export asset data and profiles, and track vulnerability data
  • Launch vulnerability assessments from ServiceNow
  • Open tickets in ServiceNow based on discovered exposures
  • Conduct policy-based privilege authorization

BeyondTrust solutions integrated with ServiceNow include:

Below are specific use cases for integrating ServiceNow with multiple BeyondTrust solutions.

Ticket Validation

PowerBroker Password Safe leverages ServiceNow to validate tickets prior to providing users access to privileged passwords and sessions. This integration includes options to auto-approve ticket validation, plus break-glass functionality to allow emergency approval in case ServiceNow is unavailable.

Credential Provider for Orchestration

PowerBroker Password Safe is able to pull ServiceNow credentials for scanning and provisioning activities. This connector enables resources in ServiceNow Orchestration to be managed using credentials stored in Password Safe, both simplifying management and securing access.

Policy-based Privilege Authorization

While ServiceNow can authorize access and document incidents, systems that must meet security and compliance mandates require fine-grained privilege control. Integration between ServiceNow and PowerBroker for Unix & Linux reduces the risk of inappropriate activity that could lead to a damaging data breach. With PowerBroker, ServiceNow customers can leverage policy to authorize users to perform specific administrative actions without logging on as administrators. PowerBroker can be configured to address everything from basic ticket validations to complex request workflows via the Unix/Linux command line.

Asset Import and Export

The BeyondTrust platform connector can import asset data from ServiceNow, as well as export asset and vulnerability data into ServiceNow. This integration enables ServiceNow users to avoid gaps in management by gaining access to comprehensive asset inventories and profiles.

Asset Profiling for Vulnerability Assessments

BeyondTrust’s threat intelligence connector for the ServiceNow Asset Management and Incident Response solution enables customers to:

  • Import asset profiles from BeyondTrust discovery scans and/or Retina vulnerability scans
  • Launch Retina CS vulnerability assessments from ServiceNow Asset Management
  • Generate incident response tickets in ServiceNow based on BeyondTrust Smart Rules and Retina vulnerability scans
ServiceNow & BeyondTrust

The threat intelligence connector provides instant access to the latest asset profiles and risk information.


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