Securing Access in Amazon Web Service Environments

Securing Access in Amazon Web Service Environments

Organizations of all sizes continue to move computers and storage to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to harness the power, flexibility, and cost effective resources that it provides. While the goal is to achieve significant operational and financial benefits, organizations must also ensure visibility and control over this extended infrastructure.

To remain secure, organizations must protect the keys to the kingdom – privileged accounts. A malicious insider or unauthorized user gaining access through a compromised account, could have complete control. Even if just for a brief period, what could happen if your entire Amazon infrastructure was in the hands of an attacker? This is why privilege access management, like multi-factor authentication, is essential in protecting your cloud environments and meeting audit and compliance requirements.


Similarly to your traditional datacenter and on-premise assets, privileged accounts that are used to manage your Amazon EC2 environments must be managed, secured, and audited. These accounts include those that have administrator access to the Amazon management console, management APIs, and virtual machines. Therefore, organizations should include Amazon as a part of the privileged access management processes. However, given the dynamic nature of most cloud deployments, scalability and automatic onboarding of your privileged access management solution are critical.


BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe provides a single console to automate privileged password and privileged session management across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments. Organizations gain secure access control, auditing, alerting, and recording for any privileged account. From Amazon cloud administrators, to shared VM accounts, to service, operating system, database (A2DB), and application (A2A) accounts – even SSH keys used to maintain your critical cloud infrastructure. By improving the accountability and control over privileged access, IT organizations can reduce security risks and achieve compliance objectives.

  • Provide a native Amazon connector to automatically support the Amazon management portal interface
  • Discover all devices, including online and offline virtual machines
  • Provide verification that no default passwords exist on any managed asset
  • Manage all devices automatically using Smart Rules per device
  • Rotate passwords for management accounts, services accounts, and for each device automatically based on age or after each login by an administrator
  • Provide a complete workflow for cloud management platform and device access,

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