Delivering Solutions Finely Tuned to Your Environment

Working with BeyondTrust Professional Services is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to implement our privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management (VM) solutions. Whether your organization is deploying our products for the first time, or expanding the solution to other departments, our experts will serve as an extension of your team to meet your security, compliance, and operational objectives.

Services Overview

BeyondTrust Professional Services can help you scope, evaluate, design, deploy, and optimize your solution, either through standalone services, or as part of a complete end-to-end solution. At every step, we make it a priority to work within the context of your unique objectives and technical requirements. Our proven approach has been used in thousands of successful implementations worldwide. Depending upon your needs, we can customize the right package for you from a wide variety of services.

Evaluation & Assessment

  • Needs assessment, use cases, and goals: Determine business goals and objectives for the engagement.
  • Identification and verification of implementation requirements: Identify and confirm the right BeyondTrust solution mix to meet the business goals.
  • Assessment of your existing IT security environment: Evaluate your environment to ensure the proposed solution(s) will integrate well.
  • Confirmation of scope and business objectives: Lead project team through task estimation review, confirmation, and acceptance process.

Plan & Architecture

  • Design, review, and verify: Determine ideal configuration and customized specifications necessary for the environment and BeyondTrust products.
  • Development of migration plans: Review existing and target state to determine an optimal path for success.
  • Development of test plans: Determine how to test environment appropriately against critical success factors.
  • Development of deployment strategy: Determine optimal approach, while following our standardized, proven delivery methodology: Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver, and Demonstrate.


  • Product installation and upgrade: Install and/or upgrade BeyondTrust product(s) optimally, applying knowledge of needs and environmental factors.
  • Product configuration: Configure and integrate BeyondTrust product(s) within the existing environment.
  • Policy construction: Create appropriate policies to govern the environment as directed by customer needs/objectives.
  • Deployment verification: Incorporate risk mitigation strategy and contingency plan.
  • Completion of testing: Conduct and direct project status review of testing results as required.
  • User training: Provide knowledge transfer on an ongoing basis throughout the engagement, with formal product training also available through BeyondTrust University (BTU) courses.


  • Process documentation: When in scope, generate a runbook that will help facilitate how the BeyondTrust solution fits together.
  • Knowledge transfer: Professional Services can provide specialized knowledge and enablement of your operations team to augment our formal BTU courses, and demonstrate product use and functionality in your production environment.
  • Customization of product options: Maintain laser-focus on customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional project performance and predictable, repeatable project results. 
  • Product optimization: Review BeyondTrust product and solution architecture, check for performance issues, review smart rules and policies, check logs, install patches, and run support scripts.

Your Professional Services Team

Engagement Manager (EM): Your Professional Services experience starts with our Professional Services (PS) Engagement Manager (EM). The EM is your “quarterback” for scoping software services. Our EMs will cooperatively work with both you and your Account Representative to ensure that your project is scoped correctly based on your unique critical success factors.

Project Manager (PM): The Project Manager is your conduit to BeyondTrust resources and is your customer service advocate. Your Project Manager is committed to project success and customer satisfaction.

Professional Services Architect (PSA): Professional Services Architects (PSAs) are assigned to your project by the PM. when required, to prescribe solution design and to provide associated design documentation. The PSA is the primary solution and technical resource for your Professional Services implementations.

Professional Services Engineer (PSE): Professional Services Engineers (PSEs) are assigned to your project by the PM for technical implementation. Every day, our engineers work with the latest version of our products in real-world environments, serving as a critical part of the product development cycle and ensuring customer success. Our experts stay up-to-date and train relentlessly to maintain qualifications.

Benefits of Leveraging Professional Services

  • Achieve faster time-to-value
  • Reduce in-house knowledge gaps
  • Condense the product learning curve
  • Unlock maximum functionality
  • Extend the value of third-party integrations (SIEM, IAM, etc.)
  • Be confident in a best-in-class solution tuned for your IT environment

Deep Product Knowledge with a Holistic Security Mindset

BeyondTrust Professional Services has over 25 years of experience securing many of the most recognized organizations in the world. Our team brings decades of IT security and networking experience honed across a range of industries, including government, healthcare, finance, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, high-tech, and more.

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