Professional Services for PowerBroker Password Safe

BeyondTrust Professional Services deliver best practices and a cost-effective path to a successful PowerBroker Password Safe (PBPS) implementation. Professional Services security engineers partner with customers on installation, configuration, and knowledge transfer. Our services are available in tiered packages to meet your architectural and business requirements.

Professional Services Packages – Which Is Right for Me?

Selecting the right professional services package helps to ensure a positive business outcome. Our packages are designed to fit your preferred deployment technology and project scope. We’ll help you determine which tier will work best for you.

  • Tier 1 (approx. 5 days*): UVM Appliance installation + Active / Passive High Availability (HA) configuration
  • Tier 2 (approx. 10 days*): UVM Appliance or software + external database + third-party integrations
  • Tier 3 (approx. 15 days*): UVM Appliance or software + Active / Active HA configuration
  • Tier 4 (timeline dependent on scope): UVM Appliance or software + Active / Active HA configuration + distributed architecture + third-party integrations
Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Professional Services Criteria
BeyondTrust UVM Appliance deployment  ♦
BeyondTrust software deployment (including hardening)
Configure Active / Passive High Availability (appliance only)
Configure Active / Active High Availability (appliance only)
Configure Active / Active High Availability (software only)
Remote Worker Nodes (software or appliances)
Professional Services Tasks
Integration with Active Directory (AD) or LDAP
Create assets based on data import, manual creation or discovery
Create functional accounts for managed assets
Add assets and accounts to PBPS for automated password management
Configure PBPS for RDP and SSH session management
Configure RBAC with MFA support (RADIUS)
Configure databases for automated password management
Integrate with external ticketing and/or SIEM solution
Single sign-on integration
Configure cloud connectors
Configure Windows Remote App Server with AutoIt scripts for RDP application proxy session management
Integrate with IAM, HSM and other third-party applications
Create custom platform connector
Assist with API development
Remote session archiving
Training and Knowledge Transfer
Provide knowledge transfer for daily maintenance of PBPS
Provide online virtual based training to prepare for the implementation
Provide onsite classroom based training to supplement the implementation optional 

*Days are intended to denote approximate duration of implementation rather than a purchase of time

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