PowerBroker Identity Services “AD Bridge”

Making Unix, Linux and Mac Systems First-Class Citizens in Windows Environments

Unix, Linux and Mac are traditionally managed as standalone systems — each like an island with its own set of users, groups, access control and configuration files. PowerBroker Identity Services allows non-Windows systems to utilize the best features of Active Directory’s (AD) centralized user and policy management while providing end users with platform choice. The simplicity of managing Windows infrastructure is now available on Unix, Linux and Mac.

Active Directory and Group Policy for Unix, Linux and Mac

PowerBroker® Identity Services centralizes authentication for Unix, Linux and Mac environments by extending Active Directory’s Kerberos authentication and single sign-on capabilities to these platforms. It also provides centralized configuration management across a heterogeneous environment by extending Group Policy to these non-Windows platforms.

Active Directory

PowerBroker Identity Services extends existing AD infrastructure to non-Windows platforms. The solution increases security and enables you to meet regulatory compliance mandates by enabling users of non-Windows platforms to employ a single username and password. In addition to centralizing authentication, PowerBroker Identity Services enables you to leverage AD group membership to easily provide effective access control for users of Unix, Linux and Mac systems.

Group Policy

Group Policy enables centralized configuration management of Microsoft Windows operating systems and supported applications. PowerBroker Identity Services extends Group Policy benefits to Unix, Linux and Mac. The solution’s AD authentication capability enables you to implement a single account / password policy for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac. With the flexibility of Group Policy, you can define logon rights, the message of the day, distribute files and directories, mount volumes, and hundreds of other settings. The solution also extends Microsoft Group policy with platform-specific connectors, allowing you to achieve a consistent configuration across non-Windows platforms in AD.

Key Capabilities


Allow users to use their Active Directory Credentials (Username and Password) to gain access to Unix, Linux and Mac.


Extend the capabilities of native group policy management tools to include specific group policy settings for Unix, Linux and Mac — achieving a consistent configuration across the enterprise.


Leverage a centralized and secure reporting module with hundreds of built-in reports.


Centrally control access to non-Windows systems by defining which users are permitted to log on to which systems via Active Directory.


Seamlessly transition users from desktop to remote machines or between systems without the need to constantly re-enter credentials. By leveraging Kerberos, Active Directory’s Authentication Protocol, single sign-on is easy, regardless of platform.


Users may perform smart card authentication without having to be physically next to the server to insert the smart card.

Key Benefits


PowerBroker Identity Services provides a simple way to maintain Active Directory as a single authentication platform across your enterprise. For increased security, you can leverage multi-factor authentication with smart cards or one-time passwords (OTP) on Unix, Linux and Mac.


PowerBroker Identity Services provides several audited events to fulfill the needs of both security and compliance teams. Security teams have full access to real-time audit events from the operation console, or they can configure desired events to be forwarded to a specific operations console.


PowerBroker Identity Services supports a wide range of Unix, Linux and Mac platforms including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Suse, RedHat, Solaris, Ubuntu and others. See the full list.

Product Versions

PowerBroker Identity Services Enterprise Edition

PowerBroker Identity Services provides customers with enhanced security, reduced costs, and the ability to demonstrate compliance. The product includes familiar Windows-based tools to easily and seamlessly integrate non-Windows systems with Microsoft Active Directory. The product runs on VMs to connect them with Active Directory.

PowerBroker Identity Services Open

PowerBroker Identity Services Open joins machines to Microsoft Active Directory and securely authenticates users with their domain credentials for FREE.

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