PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite

Audit, Recover and Report Changes in Active Directory, Exchange, file systems, SQL, and NetApp.

Keeping up with changes to Active Directory is an extremely time-consuming and complex process. Delays in discovering and addressing changes can cause business disruptions, as well as security and compliance issues. When you add Exchange, file systems, SQL, and even non-Windows platforms like NetApp to the mix, understanding the “who, what, when, and where” behind changes to the infrastructure is even more complicated.

To effectively protect your business, you must be able to understand changes to complex Windows infrastructure, roll them back if necessary, and establish the right entitlements in the first place.

Real-time change auditing and recovery for Windows environments

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite provides centralized, real-time change auditing for Active Directory, file systems, Exchange, SQL, and NetApp. It enables you to restore Active Directory objects or attributes and helps you establish and enforce entitlements across the Windows infrastructure. Through simpler administration, IT organizations can mitigate the risks of unwanted changes and better understand user activity to meet compliance requirements.

“BeyondTrust is a vendor you can rely on, and their PowerBroker Auditor product line is a formidable set of tools, both as a standalone solution for Microsoft-centric companies and as a part of an integrated platform for heterogeneous environments.” — KuppingerCole

PowerBroker Management Suite - How It Works

PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite provides comprehensive auditing and recovery capabilities across complex Windows environments.

Key Capabilities for PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite


Audit the “who, what, where, and when” behind changes in Active Directory, file systems, Exchange, SQL & NetApp and receive alerts to gain real-time visibility into potential compliance concerns.


Rollback and restore any Active Directory changes or deletions, and backup and restore Group Policy settings, to protect the business
from downtime.


Centralize distributed audit data and extend it throughout the Microsoft infrastructure, benefit from more capabilities than native tools and
gain a unified view of changes across Exchange, File Systems, SQL, and NetApp environments.


Leverage a single data warehouse and centralized web-based policy management interface to collect, correlate, report, and analyze changes to meet specific compliance and regulatory requirements.

PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite Products

PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory: Pinpoint the “who, what, when, and where” behind changes to Active Directory without the operational impacts of native auditing.

PowerBroker Recovery for Active Directory: Advanced continuous data protection for Active Directory, providing unparalleled visibility and change control.

PowerBroker Auditor for File System: Audit, alert and report on file system and NetApp access faster and with greater detail than native file system auditing.

PowerBroker Privilege Explorer for Active Directory and File Systems: Tighten security and access management procedures across AD and file systems.

PowerBroker Auditor for Exchange: Real-time auditing, interactive analysis, alerting, and non-owner mailbox reporting for Microsoft Exchange.

PowerBroker Auditor for SQL Server: Audit, alert, and report on changes made to SQL Server data sets, configurations, permissions, and other objects.

Flexible Options Based on Business Needs The PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite is available in three editions based on the most important drivers to achieving your auditing and compliance needs.

  • Essentials Edition: provides complete auditing and protection for Active Directory
  • Advanced Edition: extends auditing to file systems, and provides entitlement reporting for AD and file systems
  • Ultimate Edition: provides complete protection of the Windows environment with the addition of Exchange and SQL auditing.

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