Ongoing Implementation Manager

Your Extended Implementation Project Manager

The BeyondTrust Customer Success organization is focused on delivering a consistently high level of service and support. For organizations that require continued management of their privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management (VM) implementation, BeyondTrust offers the Ongoing Implementation Manager (OIM) service. The OIM serves as a project coordinator and subject matter expert to help your technical team succeed in the timely implementation of your PAM and VM solutions by leveraging best practices and experience from hundreds of prior projects in every size and scope.

Ongoing Implementation Manager Levels – Which is Right for Me?

Understanding that every customer will have their own unique requirements, BeyondTrust has developed three tiers of OIM service:

  • Platinum Tier (Dedicated OIM): A dedicated member of your team designed to assist and lead your project, including objective tracking, governance controls, and reporting.
  • Gold Tier (Shared OIM): An active member of your team designed to assist and coordinate with your project manager(s) from initial deployment, to project completion, and into operational mode.
  • Silver Tier (Shared OIM): A coordinator to your team designed to assist in completing project deployments and moving into operational mode.

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