Managed Service Provider Program

Managed Services for Privilege and Vulnerability Management

According to Forrester Research, 80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials, so it’s never been more important for your customers to apply discipline and accountability over privileged accounts and users. However, there have been no true MSP-enabled solutions for privileged access management, leaving a gap in coverage for MSPs to offer their customers to reduce inside risks. Until now.

Deliver Privileged Access Management and Vulnerability Management as a Service

The BeyondTrust Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program enables partners using a cloud-based services model (whether located in their datacenter or a third-party cloud provider) to design and architect BeyondTrust privileged access management and vulnerability management solutions as a service. With the BeyondTrust MSP program, partners can deliver the following solutions as services: With this integrated offering, MSP partners have a foundation to profitably grow their security services.

Program Benefits

GROW FOOTPRINT AND REVENUE Deliver value-added services in privileged access and vulnerability management to current and new clients. GAIN A CENTRAL VIEW OF INSIDER THREATS Use a single web-based management console to centrally manage the portfolio of privilege and vulnerability offerings. DELIVER INTEGRATED SERVICES Integrate privilege and vulnerability solutions with leading IAM, SIEM, GRC, and systems management tools. SCALE TO MEET EVEN THE LARGEST ENVIRONMENTS Maintain a flexible single instance or multi-tenant deployment to match the scale and demands of a diverse customer base. IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY TO SUPPORT COMPLEX CUSTOMERS Support physical, virtual, cloud, and SaaS applications from a single (or multiple) MSP installed environment. BeyondTrust solutions are available through Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Managed Service Provider Key Features

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE SECURE ACCESS Deliver access across all devices and environments including traditional and virtual desktops, servers, databases, infrastructure, applications, internet of things (IoT), notebooks, tablets, and laptops. With managed services for privileged access, an administrator or a contractor can authenticate against select assets remotely – or on premise – with full session recording and keystroke logging, control via workflow and granular access restrictions. AUDITING AND REPORTING ON PRIVILEGED ACTIVITY Record and replay any privileged activity, including mouse actions, keystrokes and user interface screen captures, across network and cloud environments. Activity can be uniquely attributed to individual users, even when shared accounts are being used. CYCLE EMPLOYEE AND THIRD-PARTY PASSWORDS Achieve automatic, active password management, rotation and reconciliation for most platforms, including cloud-based platforms. This closes password security gaps across heterogeneous environments. Password changes can be performed with or without local agent technology to manage complex and roaming environments. SECURE THIRD-PARTY ACCESS Support clearly defined access levels, secure connection gateways, proxied access, and auditing and recording of the third-party sessions. SECURE PRIVILEGE ELEVATION Eliminate the risk of having privileged credentials available to anyone and have a managed service provide auditing for any and all applications that need privileged access. This lowers the risk from hacking techniques like Pass-the-Hash that steal administrative credentials and allows a trusted independent party (the MSP) to monitor and report on all privileged access regardless of platform. SECURE NETWORK MANAGEMENT DEVICES Bullet-proof client infrastructures with complete control and auditing of privileged accounts, such as shared administrative accounts, application accounts, local administrative accounts, service accounts, database accounts, cloud and social media accounts, devices, and SSH keys. VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT AND REMEDIATION With managed services providing vulnerability assessments and remediation, information technology (IT) and security staff can spend more time on projects and less time on the never-ending process of vulnerability assessment, reporting, and patch mitigation. GET STARTED For information on how BeyondTrust can help your MSP with being first to market with privileged access management, become a certified MSP partner by registering here. If you’re a current partner visit the Partner Portal for information.

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