Integrated IT Security Appliances

Physical and virtual appliance solutions for privilege access management and vulnerability management

BeyondTrust® offers a full line of integrated IT risk management appliances dedicated to vulnerability management, privileged account management, endpoint protection, configuration compliance, patch management, and regulatory compliance management. These appliances provide multi-platform network discovery, automated vulnerability and risk assessment, centralized policy enforcement, least privilege reporting, and powerful compliance and regulatory audit capabilities.

BeyondTrust UVM20

The BeyondTrust UVM20 Security Management Appliance delivers pre-installed and pre-configured privileged and vulnerability management capabilities, combining BeyondTrust’s Retina Network Security Scanner, PowerBroker Endpoint Protection Platform, PowerBroker for Unix & Linux, PowerBroker for Windows, and PowerBroker for Mac under the BeyondTrust centralized management, reporting and analytics console. This single-unit, rack-mount appliance reduces the time to implement integrated vulnerability, privileged account, compliance, and incident management capabilities across the enterprise. BeyondTrust UVM20 is also available without SQL Server.

BeyondTrust UVMv20

The BeyondTrust UVMv20 Security Management Appliance is a pre-installed and pre-configured virtual appliance for vulnerability and privileged account management based on all the capabilities of the UVM20 rack-mountable appliance. This virtual appliance is fully licensed and is available for Microsoft Hypervisor-V and VMware ESXi and NSX, reducing the time and resources required to implement BeyondTrust’s best-of breed privilege and vulnerability management solutions. BeyondTrust UVMv20 is also available without SQL Server.

BeyondTrust UVM50

The BeyondTrust UVM50 is a single unit, rack mounted appliance offering the same vulnerability and privileged account management capabilities as the UVM20, with increased scalability and performance. The UVM50 can also be deployed as a multi-role appliance for granular, distributed functionality and enhanced scalability to meet the demands of any enterprise environment.

Retina 651

The Retina Security Management Appliance 651 is designed to facilitate setup and provide complete coverage for vulnerability assessment and network protection for any size network environment. The Retina Appliance 651 is ideal for small and medium-size organizations desiring a standalone vulnerability scanner, as well as for larger organizations requiring a vulnerability management solution that links regional office locations. The solution combines BeyondTrust’s Retina Network Security Scanner and PowerBroker Endpoint Protection Platform solution into a single appliance.


BeyondTrust solutions are available as a virtual UVM appliance through Amazon Web Services, Azure Marketplace or Google Cloud.

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