An Integrated Approach to Endpoint Least Privilege

Hackers or insiders exploiting excessive privileges create security and compliance nightmares, but IT must enable users to maintain productivity. Eliminating admin rights on desktops, laptops and other endpoints is a common start to closing security gaps. However, many least-privilege solutions have zero visibility into application security. If a vulnerable or exploited application is elevated for use, then the least-privilege solution fails to reduce risk. To address least privilege challenges, security and IT teams have been forced to cobble together point tools from many vendors. The result? Unnecessary complexity, high costs, and no visibility into user behavior. Only BeyondTrust delivers a truly integrated approach to endpoint least privilege management.

Enable Secure End-User Behavior

The BeyondTrust PowerBroker Endpoint Least Privilege solution enforces least privilege across all endpoints while, providing visibility and control over all privileged applications and accounts. Delivered as an integrated solution, PowerBroker enables users to be productive while reducing risk, simplifying privileged access management deployments, and reducing costs.

“We could not function in our environment without PowerBroker. Removing admin rights is a requirement that we could not accomplish. It also provides management cost savings because of its ease of use.”
— U.S. Federal Government Dept

The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform
The BeyondTrust Endpoint Least Privilege Management solution is part of the PowerBroker Privileged Access Management platform, which provides visibility and control over all privileged users and accounts in your organization.

Key Capabilities

  • Enforce endpoint least privilege across physical and virtual Windows and Mac endpoints
  • Ensure security by revealing application and asset vulnerabilities before delegating privileges

  • Elevate privileges to applications, not users, for complete control

  • Automatically discover, manage and monitor privileged passwords

  • Report on password, user and account behavior

Included Products

PowerBroker for Windows & PowerBroker for Mac
Eliminate administrator privileges on physical and virtual Microsoft® Windows and Mac desktops; grant privileges to applications, not users.

PowerBroker Password Safe
Discover, manage and monitor any privileged account – admin, service, OS, device, database, application, SSH keys, and cloud and social media accounts.

Retina CS
Perform large-scale, cross-platform vulnerability assessment and remediation, with available configuration compliance, patch management and compliance reporting.

PowerBroker Platform
Centralized capabilities include: asset and account discovery; threat and vulnerability intelligence and behavioral analytics; reporting and connectors; and policy and action response.

Key Features

Enforce Complete Endpoint Least Privilege

Patented privilege elevation capabilities grant privileges to applications and tasks — not users — without providing administrator credentials. Apply policies across Windows and Mac endpoints for maximum flexibility.

Reveal Privileged Application and Asset Security

Leverage vulnerability data from Retina and other solutions for a complete picture of privileged application and asset security. No assets are left unprotected, and privilege decisions are made with asset security in mind.

Ensure Complete Application Control

Blacklist hacking tools, whitelist approved applications, and greylist applications based on rules to keep systems safe. This approach eliminates the need to manage complex whitelists with thousands of signatures.

Lock Down Enterprise Credentials

Discover and profile all known and unknown assets, shared accounts, user accounts, and service accounts to control credentials throughout the organization. Rotate passwords for intermittently connected systems. Provide run-as access to applications in a completely automated manner, matching credentials and providing access without exposing credentials to the end user.

Understand Password, User and Account Behavior

Analyze privileged password, user and account behavior, and assign event Threat Levels based on the user, asset, and application launched. This makes it easier to uncover emerging risks, pinpoint and report on at-risk systems, and take action to proactively eliminate the threat.

Simplify Deployments With a Single Platform

Centrally control privileged access management policies and deployment, and report to multiple stakeholders. PowerBroker simplifies deployments, helps to control costs, and provides a foundation to reduce the evolving risks of privileged access.

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