BeyondTrust Corporate Overview

Reducing Privilege Risk with Unmatched Visibility & Control

The majority of data breaches today involve insider privilege abuse, external hacking attacks, or a combination of the two. Employees, vendors, and contractors frequently have unnecessary access to sensitive systems and data, while unpatched IT assets open the door to cybercriminals. Despite massive investments in security infrastructure, IT and security leaders still struggle to obtain a clear picture of risk — let alone take decisive action to eliminate it.

BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in Privilege-Centric Security, offering the most seamless and straightforward approach to preventing data breaches related to stolen credentials, hijacked insider accounts, and misused privileges. With BeyondTrust, you gain the visibility and control you need to confidently reduce risk, maintain productivity, and stay out of the headlines.

The Privilege Security Platform that Evolves with Your Needs

The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform is the most extensible on the market. With PowerBroker, you can easily scale your organization’s privilege security program as your needs evolve from basic password rotation to fine-grained privilege control across endpoint, server, cloud and network device environments. BeyondTrust unifies the industry’s broadest set of built-in capabilities with centralized management, reporting and analytics — empowering you to take decisive and informed actions to defeat attackers. This is backed by a flexible design that simplifies integration with other best-of-breed solutions and boosts the value of your IT security investments.

The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform makes it easy to scale your privilege security program as your needs evolve.

Why BeyondTrust?

Our solutions reduce insider threats, shrink external attack surfaces, and thwart any criminals who find their way in — without hampering user productivity.

Our centralized management, reporting, and threat analytics platform reduces blind spots across the most complex and diverse IT environments.

Our reporting and threat analytics capabilities provide clear, concise, prioritized information about risky assets and users in your environment — plus the insight you need to take immediate action.

We equip you to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, whether you need to secure traditional network and application environments, or protect the latest cloud, mobile, and virtual infrastructure.

From world-class professional services to available 24×7 support, BeyondTrust is part of your team and there when you need us.

The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform

The PowerBroker Privileged Access Management Platform integrates best-in-class solutions that deliver visibility and control over all privileged accounts and users. By uniting capabilities that many alternative providers offer as disjointed tools, the platform simplifies deployments, reduces costs, improves system security, and tackles privilege risks.

PowerBroker Enterprise Password Security prevents the credential abuse and misuse that lead to most data breaches today. The solution enables you to store passwords securely, rotate them regularly, and monitor their use. As a result, you gain visibility and control over privileged credentials – as well the systems they’re designed to protect.

PowerBroker Endpoint Least Privilege enforces least privilege across all endpoints while providing visibility and control over all privileged applications and accounts. Delivered as an integrated solution for Windows and Mac endpoints, PowerBroker enables users to be productive while reducing risk, simplifies privileged access management deployments for IT, and reduces costs.

PowerBroker Server Privilege Management enables IT organizations to not only control who can access Unix, Linux, and Windows systems, as well as network devices, but also dictate what they can do with that access via fine-grained policy. Delivered as an integrated solution of best-of-breed products, PowerBroker enables organizations to improve server security while simplifying privileged access management deployments and reducing costs.

All PowerBroker platform solutions are centralized around a core set of powerful management, reporting, and analytics capabilities:

  • Asset & Account Discovery: Automatically discover and manage all privileged accounts and assets in your organization.
  • Threat & Vulnerability Intelligence: Identify high-risk users and assets by teaming behavioral analytics and vulnerability data with security intelligence from best-of-breed security solutions.
  • Reporting & Connectors: Understand and communicate risk with over 280 privilege and vulnerability reports, and share security data via a wide range of connectors for best-of-breed security solutions.
  • Policy & Action Response: Centrally manage least privilege policy across your deployment, be alerted to in-progress attacks, and automatically mitigate threats in real time.

PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite provides centralized real-time change auditing for Active Directory, file systems, Exchange, SQL and NetApp; offers the ability to restore Active Directory objects or attributes; and helps to establish and enforce entitlements across the Windows infrastructure. Through simpler administration, IT organizations can mitigate the risks of unwanted changes and better understand user activity to meet compliance requirements.

Retina Vulnerability Management Solutions

BeyondTrust Retina CS is the only vulnerability management solution designed from the ground up to provide organizations with context-aware vulnerability assessment and risk analysis. Retina’s results-driven architecture works with users to proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across network, web, mobile, cloud, and virtual infrastructure. Retina helps to inform privilege decisions with asset risk intelligence.

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