Using Splashtop to provide support for systems? It may be time to find a tool that’s designed for the job. This competitive document will detail the key differentiators that make Bomgar a better fit for providing support to your organization.

Is Splashtop Suitable for Remote Support?

Splashtop is designed to enable access to key files and applications on the company network remotely, but that’s not the same thing as gaining full access to a remote system. Unlike Splashtop, Bomgar is designed from the ground up for remote support, with an advanced toolset that enables technicians to troubleshoot at a deep level.

We compare Bomgar with Splashtop by looking at several factors:

  • Architecture & Toolset: Is the tool designed specifically for support? Does it offer the toolset necessary to streamline common support tasks?
  • Platform Support: Does the solution enable support for each operating system needing support? What about mobile devices?
  • Collaboration: What level of collaboration is enabled between reps, administrators, and external vendors?
  • Security: What security and compliance measures are in place? How does it handle auditing of each session?
  • Integration: Does the solution enable streamlining of support processes by integrating with leading ITSM and CRM tools? What customization and branding is possible?