Are you using Rsupport Remote Call for support? This competitive document details key differences that make Bomgar a better solution for enterprise remote support.

Is Rsupport Remote Call Built for Remote Support?

There are a lot of remote support solutions on the market offered in a number of different deployment models. But very few are designed with enterprise support needs in mind. Rsupport has a number of limitations that make it a poor fit for advanced support centers.

We compare Bomgar with Rsupport by looking at the following:

  • Architecture & Technology: How well does each product handle advanced support processes?
  • Security: What security measures are in place? Does the solution architecture enable security and compliance best practices?
  • Platform Support: How well does the solution operate across multiple operating systems?
  • Management: Does the solution enable efficient management of end users, reps, and external vendors?
  • Integration: Does the solution enable a seamless workflow by integrating with ITSM and CRM tools?