Are you using Skype for Business for remote support tasks? This competitive document details the key differentiators that make Bomgar a better fit for support centers.

Is Skype for Business Designed for Remote Support?

Skype for Business is designed to enable online meetings, but while it offers rudimentary remote control capabilities, it is primarily designed for online meetings and presentations. In contrast, Bomgar is designed specifically for support, offering a toolset tailor made for common troubleshooting tasks.

This document will compare Skype for Business and Bomgar by looking at the following:

  • Architecture: Is the solution specifically designed for support tasks or is does it merely offer remote control?
  • Cost: Is the solution licensed per end system or per technician? Is the licensing model cost-effective for support centers who support a high number of end users?
  • Management: How are technicians and end users managed? What group policies are possible?
  • Platform Support: How well does the solution handle connections between different operating systems?
  • Escalation: Does the solution enable multiple levels or tiers of support?
  • Security: Is the solution designed to enable security best practices? Can permissions and account settings be centrally managed by the support administrator?