Are you using Apple Remote Desktop for support? This competitive document details key differences that make Bomgar a better solution for enterprise remote support.

Is Apple Remote Desktop Built for Remote Support?

While Apple Remote Desktop can be cost-effective for very small organizations, the need to install software on each supported system makes it less feasible for large enterprises, especially when supporting external customers. In addition, the need to use separate tools for each operating system in the company can lower the efficiency of the support team.

In addition, Apple RD is not built to deal with the ever present threat of data breach. No centralized auditing is possible, and connecting across the internet requires holes in the company firewall. Enterprise support centers can’t afford the risk that entails. According to Trustwave Spiderlabs, “Remote access remained the most widely used method of infiltration in 2012. Unfortunately for victim organizations, the front door is still open.” [2013 Global Security Report]

We compare Bomgar with Apple Remote Desktop by looking at the following:

  • Architecture & Technology: How well does each product handle advanced support processes?
  • Security: What security measures are in place? Does the solution architecture enable security and compliance best practices?
  • Platform Support: How well does the solution operate across/between multiple operating systems?
  • Management: Does the solution enable efficient management of end users, reps, and external vendors?
  • Integration: Does the solution enable a seamless workflow by integrating with ITSM and CRM tools?
  • Cost: How much time and/or money is involved in implementing, managing, and maintaining the solution?
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