Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) may be great for systems management, but are its troubleshooting capabilities meeting your needs? This competitive document details the key differences that make Bomgar better for supporting end users both inside and outside the company infrastructure.

Is SCCM Designed for Providing Support?

While SCCM does include a basic remote control function, it lacks a great deal of the other capabilities support centers need in order to meet support demands. It may seem like using SCCM’s built-in remote control features saves money, but if the quality of your support is suffering it may be costing more than you think.

Bomgar is designed specifically for enterprise remote support. We compare Bomgar with SCCM by evaluating:

  • Focus: How focused is each company on the needs of the enterprise support center?
  • Platform Support: How does each solution operate across multiple operating systems?
  • Collaboration: What level of collaboration is enabled between reps, administrators, and external vendors?
  • Security: What security and compliance measures are in place? Does the solution architecture enable security best practices to be followed?
  • Integration: How does each solution enable a seamless workflow by integrating with ITSM and CRM tools?