NowNerd | BeyondTrust

NowNerd, headquarted in Beaverton, Oregon, provides IT technical support for consumers and businesses of all sizes. Growing from a company that initially supplied only on-site support for organizations, NowNerd’s business changed dramatically when it contracted with a national retailer to provide remote
support as well.

“Before we knew it, we were performing hundreds of thousands of remote support sessions for this client,” said Geoff Turner, CEO of NowNerd.”The retailer had us using LogMeIn Rescue as the remote support tool, but we found it had a number of limitations, including difficulty establishing connections to the clients’ systems, the need for technicians to memorize complicated keystroke shortcuts, and limited ability to tailor the tool’s interface to our client’s branding.”

Because of the many difficulties NowNerd experienced, Turner decided to develop a proprietary support dashboard to market to existing and prospective clients as a white label remote support interface that could be branded for each individual client. He named the dashboard NerdDeck and started a new
company with the same name to supply clients a fully branded support experience.