PlumChoice is a fee-for-service online support company focused on providing services via white label and affiliate channel partners in the following segments: Telco/Cable/ISPs, Retailers and OEMs.

PlumChoice has been providing remote support over the Internet for close to a decade. Support incidents are delivered to PlumChoice's 500+ home-based agents via online technology. Ninety-five percent of their support requests are completed virtually.

The first four years in business, PlumChoice used Citrix's GoToAssist™ as their remote access tool. As the popularity of Mac systems increased and the market for mobile devices such as smart phones, digital cameras and MP3 players exploded, PlumChoice realized their remote support solution no longer met their needs.

At that point, GoToAssistTM did not support any systems beyond the Windows platform. It also failed to provide the security measures PlumChoice needed to be compliant with its customers' industry standards (telecom and cable providers). PlumChoice started to receive requests from their partners to extend beyond the Windows platform and began reevaluating GoToAssist™ as their remote support solution. They needed a solution that would record every support session and agent interaction.