The Green Clinic in Ruston, Louisiana was established in 1948 with the philosophy that a cooperative effort among physicians was needed for the community to receive the best possible medical care. The clinic has developed into a true multi-specialty group practice, with approximately 50 physicians providing patient care that spans 25 different specialties. In addition to a primary office facility and a hospital in Ruston, the Green Clinic operates six satellite facilities, two in Ruston and four in the surrounding 80 mile rural area.

Prior to using Bomgar, the Green Clinic’s IT department used LogMeIn Rescue and LogMeIn Central to provide remote support to users. While the IT support team found these tools adequate for performing unilateral tasks, such as deploying a software update, they did not support sharing a technician’s screen—a capability that enables support reps to remotely teach users how to perform tasks independently through impromptu classroom sessions during support calls. Instead, training required a costly trip to the remote location to teach the user in-person or downtime as the employee traveled to the main location for workshops. Additionally, as clinic personnel began relying more heavily on smartphones and tablets to perform their work, the IT department saw the need for a remote support solution that could support those devices as well.