NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS) delivers one of the largest portfolios of healthcare support services in the United Kingdom, working closely with 12 regional clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) serving a population of 2.8 million. The organization’s clients include CCGs, local authorities, more than 600 healthcare providers and a host of other public and private sector bodies, primarily across the Greater Manchester region in the UK.

“Prior to merging together, the service desks for the individual PCTs were using a number of different remote support solutions, including VNC, DameWare, Zenworks and Bomgar,” said Grant Taylor, service desk officer for NHS GMSS. “We wanted to standardize on a single solution that gave us all the capabilities we needed, but was also highly secure. After evaluating the many solutions; Bomgar stood out as the right choice.”

Security was a critical reason NHS GMSS chose to standardize on Bomgar. “Working with healthcare practitioners, we handle large volumes of sensitive patient data every day,” said Grant. “So ensuring the security of that data was of primary importance in choosing a remote support solution. Even though Bomgar is highly configurable to meet our specific support needs, it does not get that flexibility at the expense of strong security as is the case with many solutions.”