BankTEL Systems is a premier provider of financial accounting and cash management software applications for financial institutions. With more than 1,000 clients throughout the United States and
multiple international locations, BankTEL has a number of offerings that help financial institutions cut costs, increase deposits, and automate their internal processes. Through its cost-effective software and an
emphasis on customer service, BankTEL offers top notch support and product offerings that fit the unique needs of each client.

BankTEL had used WebEx to perform remote tech support for approximately nine years. With WebEx, the company’s seven support representatives found that customer end-users often had difficulty following
instructions and performing the tasks necessary on their machine to enable a remote support session. Additionally, the remote support team frequently had difficulty maintaining connections to customer

“We were finding that connecting to a user’s computer sometimes took five to fifteen minutes if they weren’t very computer savvy, because they had to execute a series of tasks and often had trouble doing
so,” said Bonnie Baker, director of information technology for BankTEL. “Sometimes the issue could be resolved in one or two minutes once connected, so spending fifteen minutes just to get connected wasn’t
acceptable. We also had difficulty establishing reliable remote connections to our customer’s servers, which meant we had to involve their on-site IT personnel in the process. We needed a solution that would
make the process easier for our end users.”

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