The Michigan State Council of the Knights of Columbus is a statewide fraternal organization affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. The Michigan State Council has approximately 70,000 members located throughout the state. From its beginnings, the Knights of Columbus have promoted the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. Knights contribute to the welfare of their parishes and communities, and seek to help the needy through financial and volunteer support.

The Michigan State Council administers a statewide email system to facilitate communication throughout the organization. The Council provides remote support to the approximately 2,000 state directors, local Grand Knights and other local officers using the email system.

“We rolled out a new email system for our members a few years ago,” said Russell Long, State Technology Support Director for the Michigan State Council of the Knights of Columbus. “As you can imagine, theskill level of our members when it comes to technology varies widely. With a membership that spans the state of Michigan, I couldn’t provide in-person support to everyone. I was spending a lot of time on the telephone trying to walk members through setting up their email and sometimes just helping them log into the system itself. Not being able to see their computer screen or know whether they were following my directions correctly made the troubleshooting process very aggravating for them and for me. As a result, we decided we needed a remote support solution to better serve our members.”

Long had worked with Bomgar’s remote support solution previously and knew it would be an excellent choice to streamline the support process and improve the user experience for Knights of Columbus members. The Michigan State Council has one small office with two employees and its local and statewide officials perform work for the organization from their homes or offices. As a result, the Council chose to implement the Bomgar solution through a hosted license rather than having an appliance on-site.