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Oxford Properties Group is a leading global real estate investor, asset manager and business builder. Part of its global portfolio includes over 50 office and residential properties in North America, where Oxford is both the owner and operator. With the cost of cybercrime expected to exceed $6T USD globally, Oxford continues to re-evaluate and introduce measures to ensure that it can deliver a world-class cyber security platform for its managed assets.

“The majority of the systems within the buildings being accessed are not traditional IT systems. They are building control systems, like smart elevators, surveillance systems and HVAC units where it is not possible to install antivirus software. We recognize that privileged access management is one of the most of important tenets of a modern cyber security program and a must have for a zero-trust architecture and robust BYOD security framework.”

Curtis Jack, Manager of Technical Engineering, Oxford Properties Group

Robust Centralized Control with BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust’s PAM solutions provide Oxford the advanced digital resilience, scalability, and business agility it needs to proactively adapt and respond to emerging threats and evolving market forces. The Oxford Operational Technology team can now:

  • Remove the overhead of managing a VPN for over 500 external, third parties, vendors, and remote privileged users
  • Store and manage privileged account credentials in a centralized vault that leverages a policy-based framework to minimize the risk of unauthorized access
  • Automate the vendor onboarding process to reduce turnaround time and administrative overhead while ensuring that no system is left unmanaged
  • Provide a comprehensive audit trail that can be used for monitoring and to support any forensic investigations
  • Implement a Cloud-based management architecture platform to centralize remote access across the Oxford OT network

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