Corporate IT support is changing – from the most popular end-user access and communication channels used by employees, to employees’ expectations of IT support based on their consumer-world, personal-life, experiences. 

Chat could, and should, be playing a big part in this evolution of IT support – from end-user happiness with chat, over other channels, to the opportunities available thanks to artificial intelligence, chatbots, and virtual personal assistants.

In this whitepaper, analyst Stephen Mann of ITSM Tools covers:

  • The state of chat in 2017, including the relative adoption levels
  • The growing popularity of chat thanks to consumerization
  • The benefits of chat
  • How to succeed with chat, via 15 chat-success tips
  • The future of chat

Along the way, the paper also offers up the ten key things that you need to know about chat for 2017 and beyond.