Ovum On the Record: BeyondTrust Cloud Enables Privilege and Vulnerability Management

About this Analyst Report

BeyondTrust Targets MSPs for Delivery of the BeyondInsight Platform

BeyondTrust develops and markets security technology in two areas: privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management (VM). Its BeyondInsight platform, which combines its PAM and VM technologies, has now been fully re-engineered for deployment in the cloud and for delivery by managed service providers (MSPs).

Key Messages

  • PowerBroker is BeyondTrust’s PAM platform, while Retina is its VM technology.
  • BeyondInsight combines PowerBroker and Retina and provides centralized asset discovery, analytics, reporting, and threat response.
  • BeyondInsight is now cloud-enabled and multitenanted, and is available for hosting in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Rather than deliver BeyondInsight as a service itself, BeyondTrust is targeting MSPs to take this version of the product to market.

Ovum View

With ever more enterprise applications residing in the cloud and needing to be accessed from anywhere, PAM as a service from the cloud is clearly a key delivery option, and BeyondTrust’s technology can now be provided in this way.

Why put BeyondTrust BeyondInsight on your radar?

Ovum sees a growing requirement for PAM delivered as a service from the cloud, so the cloud-enablement of its BeyondInsight platform makes BeyondTrust a compelling option for such services, positioning the company to ride this wave of evolution in the privilege management market.

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