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Time to Get Rid of That Empty Support Queue

When you first log into the BeyondTrust Representative Console on your Android device, you'll see an empty support queue just waiting there for you to start a support session.

Will the full version of BeyondTrust, there are lots of ways to start a support session. With the free trial, you'll need to use a session key.

Generate Session Key

In BeyondTrust, a session key is a single-use numerical code that helps match you to the computer you want to support.

Tap the Session Key icon to generate one.

Send the Session Key to the Customer

Once you generate a session key, you're presented with a number of ways to communicate it to your customer.

  • Copy Session Key: Tap Copy to copy the session key number, then paste it into a message or email. You could also dictate the number over the phone, of course.
  • Copy URL: Tap Copy to copy the url, then send it to your customer.
  • Email URL: Tap Email to send an email with a link to join your support session.

You can also mondify how long your session key will remain active.

The Session Invitation Email

If you select Email, you'll be prompted to specify an email client. Once you do, a draft of the prewritten invitation to join a support session will appear.

Look! There's a Customer in the Support Queue

When the customer accepts your invitation to start a remote support session, you'll get an alert and see his or her computer appear in your support queue.

Tap on the customer to accept the session.

Play to Begin Screen Sharing

Tap the play icon to begin screen sharing. The customer will need to answer a prompt to allow you to support his or her computer.

Remote Support Begins

Once your customer allows screen sharing, you'll see their screen appear on your device. Now you can interact with the remote computer and chat with the customer to solve his or her problem.

Note: We'll cover tips on how to support a computer from your Android device in other articles.

End the Remote Support Session

Tap the menu icon to end the remote support session.

You can also choose Hold Session, which keeps the remote computer in your queue but terminates screen sharing.