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With the BeyondTrust trial, you can share your screen with a remote attendee by employing the presentation feature. Presentations can either be impromptu or scheduled.

You can also switch between viewing the screen of a remote computer to showing your screen during a support session. Show My Screen is helpful if you need to demonstrate something to a remote customer.

Scheduling an Online Presentation

Start or schedule an online presentation

To schedule a presentation, click on Present > Schedule in the file menu.

A scheduler will appear allowing you to set the name, date, time, and duration of your presentation.

Once you've modified these settings, click Create. Then click Done.

Starting a Scheduled Presentation

When it is time to begin your presentation, click Present > Start Presentation in the file menu. You’ll have the options to start your scheduled presentation or create a new one. Select Start Scheduled.

Alternatively, you could select Present > Schedule in the file menu. The scheduler will open with a list of your scheduled presentations. Select the one you want and click Start.

Sheduled presentations cannot be started prior to the meeting time set. However, you can send invitations to scheduled presentations.

The Presentation Sidebar

The presetation sidebar let's you invite attendees and interact with them.


In the Invitation section, you can name your presentation, edit audio conference details, and send an email invitation to attendees.


The Attendees section lists everyone who has joined your presentation. You can grant shared control of your mouse and keyboard. You can also remove attendees from your presentation.


The Chat section logs your communication with attendees. Your attendees may chat with you alone or with everyone.