When you start an online presentation, the Representative Console will display the BeyondTrust Presentation sidebar.

The Presentation Sidebar

The presetation sidebar let's you invite attendees and interact with them.


In the Invitation section, you can name your presentation, edit audio conference details, and send an email invitation to attendees.

You can copy the url and access key to create your own invitation, or you can use the pre-written email invitation. If you have entered audio conference details, they will be included in the invitation.


The Attendees section lists everyone who has joined your presentation. You can grant shared control of your mouse and keyboard. You can also remove attendees from your presentation.


The Chat section logs your communication with attendees. Your attendees may chat with you alone or with everyone.

You are also able to send files or push urls through the chat section.

Presenting in Mini-Mode

Clicking the arrow above the presentation interface sections minimizes the interface to mini-mode containing only the presentation controls. Presentation controls include

  • Start/Stop
  • Monitors
  • Color depth
  • Annotations

Presentation Controls

Start Presenting

A live presentation will be reflected in the presentation interface pull-out panel with a translucent green LIVE indicator.

Stop Presenting

The presentation interface pull-out panel will display a translucent red PREVIEW indicator.


Select the display monitor for your presentation session. The primary monitor will be designated by a P.

Color Depth

Present the screen in 2-bit gray scale for the lowest bandwidth consumption, 8-bit color for fast performance, 16-bit for a medium quality of image and performance, or 32-bit for the highest image resolution.


Begin using annotations in your live presentation.


End the presentation altogether and close the presentation interface.

Share Control (Under Attendees)

Grant control of your mouse and keyboard to an attendee. Only one attendee at a time can have control of your computer. You always maintain overriding control, and you can cancel the attendee’s control at any time.

Remove Attendee (Under Attendees)

Remove attendees from the presentation without ending the presentation.