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Live Stream the Remote Camera on iOS Devices

Sharing live video footage of a desktop, device, appliance, kiosk, etc. while an issue is taking place gives you an additional way to assist the customer in finding a resolution to the problem.

Go Beyond Mere Screen Sharing

Customers Share the Camera So You See What They See

The customer can select the Camera tab to stream live video to you from the customer’s mobile device.

While streaming, the customer can choose the video quality (Low, Medium, or High) and can also flip the camera’s perspective by tapping on the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Make Annotations to the Video Footage

While viewing the footage, you can make annotations on a frame using the annotations option from the representative console. When you make an annotation, the frame freezes, allowing the customer to view the annotation and take any necessary action.

Once you click on the Clear option from the Annotations drop down, the video will begin streaming again.