Bomgar Customer Client Chat Window

During remote support sessions, online presentations, and Show My Screen sessions, you can chat with your customer.

You do not need to have screen sharing permissions before beginning chat.

During presentations, you can chat with all attendees at once or individual attendees.

Chat Support Tools

Send Files

You can also send files to a remote computer through the chat interface. To send a file, click the Send File button, navigate to the file you wish to send, and click open. The customer can accept the file or decline to accept it.

Push URLs

If you want the customer or attendee to open a web page, you can push a URL to the customer’s default browser. To do so, simply paste the URL into the chat dialoge and click the Push URL button. The web page will automatically open on the customer’s computer.


You can send a nudge to get the customer's attention. A nudge shakes the customer client and plays an audio alert.

Note: This is a limited feature. Your free trial is meant to offer a limited preview of the BeyondTrust Representative Console. Many BeyondTrust capabilities are partially included. Others do not appear at all. (BeyondTrust does offer a full evaluation if you’d like to see everything the product can do.)