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Launch the Presentation App for Android

Download the BeyondTrust Presentation Attendee Client App

If you've not attended a presentation from your Android device, you'll need to download the attendee client from Google Play.


Enter the Site Address and Session Key

Because the presentation attendee client must be downloaded from Google Play, rather than directly from a BeyondTrust Appliance, the Site Address field will be blank.

The Site Address is the hostname of your BeyondTrust site. For trial users, this is:


The session key will be provided by the person giving the presentation.

Note: If you were already a customer, you would enter the hostname of your BeyondTrust site: support.example.com, or something similar.

Interacting with Presenters and Attendees During a Presentation

View the Remote Screen or Applications

When you join a presentation, you'll see a blank screen until the presenter begins screen sharing. Once the presentation begins, you'll either see the presenter's whole screen or just the applications that have been marked to show in the presentation.

Use the toolbar at the bottom to interact with the presentation.

View the Conference Details

Your presenter can add phone conference details for the presentation. Tap the phone icon in the toolbar to see the dial-in information.

Chat with the Presenter and Other Attendees

During a presentation, you can chat with the poresenter and other attendees. Tap the chat icon to open the chat interface.

Change the Screen Orientation

Rotating your device changes the screen orientation. You can unpin the toolbar if you find it's obstructing your view of the presentation.

Leave the Presentation

To leave the presentation, simply tap the back button on your Android device.