SunView ChangeGear Service Desk with Remote Support

IT organizations using ChangeGear can integrate Bomgar to improve service levels, centralize support processes and strengthen compliance.

With Bomgar, ChangeGear enables your service desk technicians and customers to launch a secure remote support session directly from any ticketing module in the ChangeGear Service Desk Platform plus the self-service portal.

This integration increases the effectiveness of your technicians with robust remote support, secure chat and incident based mobile device support.

Launch Remote Support from Any Ticketing Module

Bomgar lets technicians work directly with the systems they’re supporting - from anywhere. Launch remote support from any ticketing module in the ChangeGear Service Desk Platform. Chat securely with customers and automatically record details of every remote support session.

Rep can start and view Bomgar support sessions associated with an incident

Improve Efficiency with Integrated Remote Support

Launch chat and remote support from the SunView ChangeGear service catalogue

The Bomgar integration with ChangeGear allows a Service Desk technician to launch a secure remote support session directly from the incident ticket, immediately beginning to diagnose and resolve issues, driving increased efficiency with first call resolution.

Bomgar’s solution is multi-platform, allowing support technicians to remotely support desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices across operating systems. And the Bomgar appliance keeps sensitive remote support logs and system access in-house, rather than routing them through a third-party, improving security and compliance.

SunView ChangeGear Support Capabilities with Bomgar

  • Single-click, end-user initiated chat/remote support session via the ChangeGear self-service portal, service catalog or incident request.
  • Technician-initiated remote support session launched directly from any ChangeGear request module.
  • Technicians can Jump directly to a remote system (configuration item) directly from an incident, problem or change request.
  • Web service automatically generates a ChangeGear incident request from every Bomgar Session
  • Automatic updates of ChangeGear incidents with details from each Bomgar remote support session providing advanced logging and recording capabilities for a complete record of the support transaction.
  • Bomgar post-session survey results automatically included in updated incident details.
  • Incoming Bomgar support requests are automatically routed to the least busy technician.
  • Easy technician access to the associated ChangeGear incident ticket directly from the Bomgar console.