Integrated Remote Support, Secure Chat and Customer Feedback Exit Surveys for with Remote Support and Exit Surveys

Support organizations using can integrate BeyondTrust Remote Support to improve service levels, centralize support processes and strengthen compliance.

The BeyondTrust Remote Support integration with increases the effectiveness of your technicians with secure, multi-platform remote support capabilities.

Technicians can generate a remote support session key directly from the case detail screen in, and session details are appended to the case when the remote support session ends.

Download: BeyondTrust Remote Support + Brochure Support Capabilities with BeyondTrust Remote Support

  • Technician-initiated remote support sessions launched directly from the case detail screen
  • Automatic updates of case with details from each BeyondTrust Remote Support session
  • BeyondTrust Remote Support post-session survey results automatically included in updated case details
  • Advanced logging and reporting capabilities for a complete record of the remote support transaction
  • Integration listed on the Salesforce AppExchange

Improve Efficiency with Integrated Remote Support

Start support directly from the case detail screen

The BeyondTrust Remote Support integration with allows a support representative to generate a secure remote support session directly from the case detail screen to quickly begin diagnosing and resolving a problem – increasing first call resolution rates, shortening call times and eliminating site visits.

The BeyondTrust Remote Support solution is multi-platform, allowing support technicians to remotely support desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices across operating systems.

And the BeyondTrust Remote Support appliance keeps sensitive remote support logs and system access in-house, rather than routing them through a third-party, improving security and compliance.

Integrated Chat Support with Remote Control

Integrating BeyondTrust Remote Support with gives you a complete remote support solution. BeyondTrust Remote Support includes secure chat support capabilities, so you can offer live help from your website, knowledgebase or self-service support portal.

With BeyondTrust Remote Support, you can easily move from chat support to screen sharing and remote control. After the support session, BeyondTrust Remote Support updates the support record with the chat transcript and details from the remote support session.

BeyondTrust Remote Support gives both you and your customer a seamless support experience.