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Automatic Chat Translations for Global Organizations

Increase end user satisfaction with GeoFluent Virtual Translator™ for Bomgar Chat, a SaaS-based service that seamlessly adds multilingual capabilities to your Bomgar Remote Support solution. Technicians can quickly provide end users with real-time, simple support experiences in their native language in a chat session – with no IT involvement required.

GeoFluent Virtual Translator for Bomgar eliminates the need to hire multi-lingual staff for all supported languages, saving both time and money for your organization. For example, English-speaking technicians can read and respond to chats and incidents in any language.

The chat translation happens in real time, allowing technicians to send and receive messages in any language.

Real Time Chat Translation Helps Your Business

  • Seamlessly integrates with Bomgar Chat for real-time communication in 100+ languages, with no changes to how customers or live agents use chat
  • Increases satisfaction and conversions from customers who want to communicate in their native language
  • Reduces the time and cost associated with supporting customers across multiple languages and geographies
  • Customizes translations for your organization using Virtual Linguist

Customized and accurate translations based on your needs

GeoFluent for Bomgar speaks your language with GeoFluent’s Virtual Linguist™, Lionbridge’s patented AI-based core that is customized and trained for each client. Virtual Linguist recognizes terms specific to your organization and use case and is trained to reflect industry acronyms, shorthand, lingo, and slang. Virtual Linguist also detects and corrects common chat spelling mistakes.

Learn more about GeoFluent or contact us today to get started.