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Invite External Reps into Remote Support Sessions

Engaging a developer or bringing an outside expert in to assist with a support session usually means disconnecting from the customer and calling back later. It also usually means using the developer's support tool. With Rep Invite, your support team can use BeyondTrust to collaborate with any expert to resolve incidents, even if the experts have never installed the representative console.

Bring in Outside Reps Securely

In reality, many incidents are escalated needlessly. The first tier rep could resolve them if only he could have an expert look over his shoulder momentarily whenever a complication arose.

Rep Invite gives you a secure way to request remote support from external technicians.

Rep Invite lets you engage outside experts and vendors for assistance without compromising security. As an administrator you can limit which internal reps can use Rep Invite. You can also create multiple security profiles to define how invited reps can interact with end users.

BeyondTrust's comprehensive audit trail, including videos of support sessions, applies to incidents involving invited reps. Rep Invite lets you bring in any expert securely, even if you don't have an LDAP profile created for him or her.

A Clear Process for Ad Hoc Collaboration

Rep Invite creates a clear, ad hoc process for collaborating with experts, vendors and higher technician. Support reps who need help simply send an invite to an outside expert and decide which security profile that rep's privileges should conform to when he or she joins the session.

Rep Invite then walks the invited rep through running the BeyondTrust Representative Console, which opens to the screen of the support session that needs his or her expertise. At the end of the session, the invited rep can uninstall the BeyondTrust Representative Console, or leave it installed in case another support session requires his or her attention.

How Rep Invite Works

Rep Invite allows support reps to invite any external expert, outside rep or vendor technician into a support session, even if the invited rep has never used BeyondTrust. By letting lower tier reps collaborate ad hoc with any expert, Rep Invite helps you reduce escalation costs and resolve more in first tier.

  • An internal rep connected to a user's remote desktop with BeyondTrust realizes he needs assistance with the support session.
  • He uses Rep Invite to ask an outside rep to collaborate with him in the remote support session.
  • The outside rep clicks the link in the invitation, which runs BeyondTrust and joins him instantly to the support session