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Standardize Help Desk Support Across Teams and Customers

When it comes to managing your help desk, every second counts. With BeyondTrust Remote Support, you’ll impact the metrics you care about most.

Create queues, portals, teams, and policies to standardize technical support services. Define your support channels for efficiency.

BeyondTrust also makes it easier to manage large teams of technicians with integrated identity management and group policies.

Application Sharing

Improve security by limiting screen sharing to specific applications. Both customers and support technicians can control which applications are shared.

BeyondTrust Button

Give customers a push-button way to request remote support. BeyondTrust Buttons can be deployed on remote desktops or embedded in Windows applications.

Collaboration and Escalation

Engage highly skilled technicians cost effectively. With BeyondTrust, skilled staff can engage with critical support requests instantly and remotely.


Automatically distribute incoming support requests to the right representative, support group or vendor, reducing hold times in an automated manner.

Support Portals

Create custom Portals for each customer channel or product you support. Each public site contains multiple white label customer-facing elements.


Use surveys to get customer feedback on their remote support experience and collect support rep responses in an exit survey. Surveys average 20-50% response rates.