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Record Support Sessions, Track Customer Satisfaction, & Monitor in Real-Time

In most industries, compliance regulations require the logging of remote support activity. Records should identify unique users, show which systems were connected, and delineate what actions were taken over the remote connection.

With BeyondTrust Remote Support, you’ll have the details you need for your next audit. Detailed reports and even video recordings give you historical insight into support activity. Plus, you can monitor sessions in real time.

Monitor support activity in real time. Track customer satisfaction. Record every remote support session. And collect a detailed audit trail of each interaction.


Manage and oversee active remote support sessions in real-time. If necessary, you can take over or transfer the session to another rep.

Identity management

Use your existing LDAP or Active Directory to create BeyondTrust users. Connect RADIUS for multi-factor authentication and Kerberos or SAML for single sign-on.


Log and report on every remote support session and chat interaction. Reports tell who was in control and who performed which actions during support sessions.

Session Policies

Change the permissions allowed in a remote support session based on the support portal the customer came through or even the specific endpoint being supported.

Session Recording

Record videos of each support, command line, or training session. Recordings form a detailed audit trail and providing material for session analysis and training.


Use surveys to get customer feedback on their remote support experience and collect support rep responses in an exit survey. Surveys average 20-50% response rates.