With BeyondTrust, you can track customer satisfaction with post-session surveys. Simply customize the survey to gather the data you want to measure. Then BeyondTrust conveniently offers customers the survey immediately after the support session ends.

BeyondTrust's exit surveys can average up to 50% response rates. Because the survey is immediate, the customer is more likely to complete it. You can use this immediate feedback to your advantage. If a customer leaves poor feedback, you can deal with the issue right away.

Measuring customer feedback over time can also help your support organization retain customers or improve employee productivity.

You can also use front-end customer issue surveys to speed incident routing. Front-end surveys can be displayed on the support portal page as one option of initiating a support session.

Just create a list of common issues, then tie these issues to the queues of different support teams. Also, the issues can optionally be tagged with the expected skills typically required for resolution. Directing customers to the support specialist best able to deal with their particular issue can save time and money for your support organization.

BeyondTrust includes an option to have reps complete an exit survey once they complete a remote support session. Like the customer exit survey, this survey is also customizable. You can tie different rep exit surveys to different portals.

Rep exit surveys can help you monitor performance by requiring technicians to provide feedback at the end of every session. Reps can explain why a session was prolonged or why they had to transfer the session.

By answering questions specific to the product or group the rep is supporting, you’ll be able track support metrics on a more detailed level.

BeyondTrust lets you create custom surveys for each of your support portals.

For instance, if your support organization is responsible for several different products, you can create a custom portal for each product and customize the surveys for each one.

BeyondTrust surveys allow your support organization to gather valuable feedback from customers and technicians over time.

You can then monitor and use this input to improve support performance.

Customer satisfaction metrics are not only important to your help desk, but to your bottom line, too. If your customers aren't happy, you can lose business. To know if your customers are happy, you need their detailed feedback.

The best time to get customer feedback is immediately after the support session, when the customer's memory is still fresh. Because BeyondTrust exit surveys are offered to customers immediately after a session ends, you’re much more likely to get relevant and specific feedback about their experience

Because BeyondTrust exit surveys are offered to customers immediately after a session ends, you’re much more likely to get their valuable feedback about their experience. In fact, our surveys see up to 50% average response rates.

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