Make it super easy for customers to request support by embedding chat and remote support in your website, desktops, Windows programs, and mobile apps.

Deploy customizable BeyondTrust Buttons on desktops and let customers to initiate support with a simple click. You can also embed BeyondTrust chat support with your website, knowledge base or support portal.

And BeyondTrust’s Embedded Remote App Support SDK lets you include remote support in your mobile iOS or Android Apps.

Give customers a push-button way to request remote support. BeyondTrust Buttons can be deployed on remote desktops or embedded in Windows applications.
Add secure chat support to your website or mobile app. When you need to do more that talk, just elevate from chat to screen sharing or remote control.
Allow website visitors to request help by sharing their browser, and only their browser, during a chat support session.
Embed remote support and screen sharing in your Android/iOS app. Once enabled, users can request remote support directly from the app.
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