for Virtualization and Cloud

Protect your virtual assets – those in your own datacenter as well as those in the cloud – from attacks and misuses related to privileges.

Stop Privileged-Based Threats to Virtual and Cloud Assets

PowerBroker for Virtualization and Cloud is a privilege management solution that enables customers to delegate tasks and authorization in virtualized datacenter environments without ever disclosing root passwords. With support for several guest operating systems and hypervisor hosts, PowerBroker centralizes privilege management and facilitates the secure adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies.

  • Delegate fine-grained privileges for virtual and cloud-based systems
  • Segregate duties via customizable role-constraint capabilities
  • Ensure accountability via detailed audits and logs of privileged activities
  • Quickly generate detailed entitlement reports
  • Secure virtual guests and host hypervisors across VMware ESX, Solaris Zones, AIX WPAR, and IBM z/VM, and more

Securely Delegate Virtual and Cloud Privileges

Delegate privileges and authorization for virtualized datacenters and cloud environments without disclosing the root password.


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Transparently Broker Permissions

Broker permissions across the entire virtualized environment, ensuring user productivity without sacrificing security or compliance.

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Efficiently Control User Activity

Deploy fined-grained policies to invoke virtually any action through scripting, from initiating an email approval workflow to validating a help desk ticket.

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Track Sessions in Real Time

Log all session activity down to the keystroke level to comply with internal and external control mandates.

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Implement least privilege:

Maintains granular control over privileged access to virtual and cloud-based assets.

Securely log privilege activity:

Centralizes log data to facilitate controlled access to session activity information.


Leverage existing directory services:

Supports flexible integration scenarios with Active Directory and other directory services, from basic authentication enablement to storage and lookup of PowerBroker policy data.

Easily fit into your environment:

Supports 30+ encryption methods for policies, logs and network traffic, assuring compatibility within virtually any IT infrastructure.

Simplify policy management:

Centralized policy store allows for a single control point for managing user privileges.


Achieve compliance:

Quickly meets access/authorization regulations as described in SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, FDCC and FISMA.

Identify policy violations:

Flags suspicious activity within time-stamped logs for every administrative, user-level, and application activity.

Adhere to regulations:

Adheres to even the most stringent regulatory mandates with preventive command-level control combined with comprehensive logging and reporting.