PowerBroker for Databases

Privilege Management for Databases

PowerBroker for Databases lets database administrators and architects effectively control privileged entitlements across their heterogeneous database systems.

Database Privilege Management for Ensuring Data and Application Security

PowerBroker for Databases protects customer data, financial records, intellectual property, and other critical database information from threats posed by over-privileged users. The solution mitigates breach risks and meets compliance requirements by addressing each stage of the credential life cycle, including credential discovery and management, fine-grained privilege delegation, privileged user activity monitoring and reconciliation, and automated compliance reporting.

  • Strengthen the security of databases and database applications
  • Comply with internal and external IT control requirements
  • Reduce the cost of compliance with automated audit and report capabilities
  • Ensure the integrity of business data, system configurations and security controls
  • Support forensics activities with detailed audit trails of privileged activity
  • Segregate operational and security / compliance activities

Protect Data and Maintain Productivity

Detect and block unapproved administrator activity without disrupting DBA productivity.

Automate and Validate Compliance

Quickly and easily meet SOX, PCI-DSS and other data privacy requirements with demonstrated success of your control efforts.

Prevent Internal and External Threats

Identify unauthorized or anomalous activities via a complete 360-degree view of your database landscape.

Track and Enforce Change Requirements

Block unauthorized data and schema changes, while tracking the activities of privileged database accounts.


Visibility Maintains 100% visibility into all database transactions by employees, contractors and third parties. Automated reporting Streamlines communications and compliance with standard compliance report templates, scheduled report generation, and flexible routing. Centralized management Manages usage policies and audit data across your entire database estate.


Continuous monitoring Monitors activities mapped to IT control audits, such as privileged user activity and change management processes. Track changes Enforces change management for critical security controls and configurations via a simple reconciliation process. Simplify Segregates duties between operational and compliance teams.


Least Privilege Prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data and unapproved application user activities. Secure Increases security across all remote and local IT assets.