Manage SSH Keys to Access Physical and Virtual IT Hardware, Applications, and More

SSH provides highly privileged access to IT resources across the enterprise. With BeyondTrust Privileged Identity, you have the visibility to know which systems and applications are accessed with SSH.

Privileged Identity enables you to use SSH keys to connect to and manage credentials on target systems. And you can automatically connect a user to a target system with a specific application, limiting their access to the system to specific commands and accesses available to the program.

SSH key management also lets you manage the life cycles of critical SSH key pairs, helping you ensure that keys provide your users with the correct access to the right applications and systems.

Automatically Discover and Manage SSH Keys

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity’s SSH key management features include:

  • SSH user key authentication for discovery and remediation; private keys can be loaded in a secure database and used instead of user names and passwords
  • SSH key authentication for password management for enabling secure, privileged access in addition to the password authentication option
  • SSH key authentication for applications to allow the secure launch of applications, without the need to disclose passwords
  • SSH key rotation for your most critical SSH key pairs