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Cross-Platform Privileged Account Auto-Discovery

Many organizations cannot secure privileged accounts at scale because they’re unable to maintain real-time, comprehensive inventories of these accounts. They also do not know every place their privileged accounts are in use.

With BeyondTrust Privileged Identity, you can take advantage of proven technology that auto-discovers privileged accounts and shows you where they are used — on a real-time, continuous basis.

Seamless Privilege Account Discovery with True Discovery™

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity’s True Discovery™ capability provides seamless privileged account discovery and remediation across all platforms, in a single operation. This rapid discovery technology automatically secures the powerful privileged accounts that could make your network vulnerable to today’s advanced cyber attacks, while reducing time-consuming manual tasks for your IT staff.

You’ll find privileged accounts that you didn’t even know existed in hardware and applications, legacy software, developer “back doors,” services and other IT assets. You can immediately bring these accounts under management to secure them against cyber attacks that look for vulnerable privileged identities.

Increase Productivity with a Solution That is Easy to Use

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity is easy to maintain and manage over time. Daily operational procedures are almost non-existent - greatly enhancing the productivity of your IT staff. Easily and automatically discover and manage:

Techniques to Discover Privileged Accounts

Privileged Identity accommodates a broad range of system and account discovery techniques, giving you the flexibility to configure the solution once, with a minimum of interaction thereafter. It instantly enrolls new systems as they’re brought online, with zero operator intervention.

With Bomgar you can automatically add and then track systems found in:

  • Domain systems lists
  • Network browse lists
  • Active Directory and other LDAP-compliant directories
  • Scanned IP address ranges
  • ODBC query results from configuration management databases (CMDBs)

BeyondTrust also makes it easy for you to bulk-import system lists from text files, and to make ad-hoc entries through the management console.