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Protect Your Organization Against Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity simplifies the management of your privileged credentials, delivering automated protection at scale, with a rapidly deployed and affordable solution. Robust features such as privileged account auto discovery and continuous credential updates help you work more effectively while mitigating cyber threats.

Rotation & Randomization

With Privileged Identity’s password generator, privileged credentials are continuously updated and automatically randomized after use. Defend against cyber attacks like "pass the hash," while also limiting insider threats by eliminating static passwords that would be known by IT staff and contractors.

Automatically change your privileged credentials – on all systems in large, cross-platform enterprises - faster than cyber attacks can strike. And automatically update privileged account passwords on both connected and disconnected servers, desktops and laptops with the Disconnected Account Management feature.

Auto Discovery of Accounts

Reliably discover the widest range of privileged accounts out-of-the-box, and secure them against cyber attacks and insider threats.

Privileged Identity’s True Discovery™ capability provides seamless privileged account discovery and security remediation across all platforms. This rapid discovery technology automatically secures the powerful privileged accounts that could make your network vulnerable to today’s advanced cyber attacks, while reducing time-consuming manual tasks for your IT staff.

Secure Password Storage

Store your current privileged account passwords in an encrypted database and provide audited access to authorized IT staff. You can leverage your organization’s trusted processes for database management, monitoring, and high availability – giving you unmatched transparency and control.

Storage options include military-grade AES encryption, a FIPS 140-2 software encryption module and support for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that use PKCS#11.

Service Account Management

Automate service and process account management to save IT staff time and eliminate IT disruptions. BeyondTrust Privileged Identity automatically discovers service accounts and where they are used, and can change the password across all instances automatically without breaking processes.

In large enterprise environments, with thousands of service accounts, Privileged Identity removes the need to dedicate massive amounts of time and resources to manually maintain a catalog of managed services.

App to App Credential Security

Secure app-to-app credentials used by web services, line-of business applications, custom software, and virtually every other type of application to connect to databases, middleware, and other application tiers.

Because Privileged Identity issues application credentials programmatically and enrolls new assets immediately, you’ll avoid service lockouts while closing a significant security hole on your network.

SSH Key Management

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity makes it easy for you to manage SSH keys to access physical and virtual IT hardware, applications and more — helping you mitigate cyber attacks and prevent damage from malicious insiders.

Gain the visibility to know which systems and applications are accessed with SSH and manage the life cycles of critical SSH key pairs, helping you ensure that keys provide your users with the correct access to the right applications and systems.

Securing Cloud Identities

The affordability, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud is spurring new cloud migrations. But as organizations migrate, they often find that the security challenges they face on-premises follow them into the cloud.

To succeed, whether inside the cloud or not, attackers need credentials to access your privileged accounts. You need to counter their attacks with solutions that manage and secure your privileged credentials.

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity is the solution you need to protect your cloud identities in Amazon Web Services, Azure Active Directory, Force.com, IBM Softlayer, and Rackspace Cloud.

Seamless Credential Injection™

When integrated with BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access or BeyondTrust Remote Support, users can directly inject credentials into end servers and systems with just one click. Since the user never sees the plain text credentials, they can’t compromise them, greatly increasing security. Improve productivity by allowing administrator accounts to access systems with just the click of a button- no more wasted time finding or tracking down credentials.