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Are you using vulnerability management software to identify, diagnose and remedy cyber threats on your network? You may still be missing one of the biggest vulnerabilities – unsecured privileged accounts.

Privileged accounts are “super user” identities that hold elevated permission to access sensitive systems, run programs and change configuration settings. Hackers and malicious insiders need the credentials for privileged identities to gain elevated access to critical systems.

Gain Secure Access to Privileged Credentials

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity works seamlessly with today’s top vulnerability management products (including Qualys and Rapid7) to provide secure, instant access to the credentials needed for your vulnerability assessments.

How It Works

Together, BeyondTrust Privileged Identity and your vulnerability management product save valuable time for your IT staff and augment your network security by:

  • Maximizing business value from ensuring that privileged credentials are always available, on demand, as required for security assessments and reports.
  • Eliminating the need to manually update every credential stored in your vulnerability management solution whenever privileged credentials change on managed systems.
  • Removing duplicate stores of privileged credentials and improving your organization’s security posture by maintaining a single, highly secure and available repository of credentials within Privileged Identity.
  • Maintaining compliance with PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA and other key regulations by changing privileged passwords on physical and virtual tiers – and then updating every change in your vulnerability management system.

Once configured, your vulnerability management tool will access the credentials that are securely managed by BeyondTrust Privileged Identity to complete your security scan.