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Microsoft System Center is a great solution for monitoring the health of the Windows machines on your network. When combined with BeyondTrust Privileged Identity, your privileged account passwords are secure and easily managed from within System Center.

Controlling Access to Your Privileged Account Passwords

Administrative, super user, root, fire call, and other privileged accounts are pervasive in any organization. More numerous than personal passwords, privileged account passwords grant access to programs and files containing your most sensitive data. When not properly protected, privileged accounts represent a significant cybersecurity and compliance risk via sabotage or theft of proprietary information.

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity integrates seamlessly with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

SCOM Integrations

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity and SCOM work together to proactively monitor and manage the privileged accounts on your network, giving you real-time alerts about issues that impact IT performance and service levels.

This privileged identity management product helps you meet regulatory compliance mandates and saves time for your IT staff by:

  • Alerting IT to all password changes, checkouts and other actions through a single console
  • Retrieving managed credentials, such as administrator or root account passwords, stored by BeyondTrust Privileged Identity without going outside of the SCOM environment
  • Centralizing systems list management for consistency and reliability

If you’re managing Linux computers, network devices, and other resources with SCOM management packs, you’ll eliminate the need to manually update each login in SCOM whenever you change the privileged logins on those machines.

Manage RunAs Accounts

RunAs accounts are used within SCOM to connect to and monitor untrusted Windows systems, as well as non-Windows systems and devices. These credentials remain static most of the time so that the functions performed by the RunAs accounts do not break.

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity discovers and updates RunAs account credentials contained within SCOM, without the use of scripts or agents.

SCCM Integrations

Through the integration between BeyondTrust Privileged Identity and SCCM, authorized users can quickly retrieve administrator and root account passwords directly from the SCCM interface.

This integration enables your IT staff to:

  • Receive privileged access to systems and applications through the SCCM interface
  • Obtain privileged access only to the extent needed to resolve each IT service issue, and only if properly authorized through SCCM
  • View documentation of each privileged password check out request - including requester and IP address, time stamps, and the reason for every request.