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How can you ensure that only users who provide valid trouble ticket data can receive passwords to access your sensitive systems? By leveraging Privileged Identity's integrations with today’s leading Service Desk solutions.

Verifying Access to Privileged Credentials

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity verifies trouble ticket information on a range of Service Desk platforms including BMC, CA Technologies, Jira, OTRS, ServiceNow, and others. Also, Privileged Identity's extensive Event Sink framework and APIs allow full two-way integration with other non-preconfigured ITSM systems.

All privileged password checkout / check-in transactions become part of the trouble ticket record, are audited, and are available for review by IT management and auditors.

Including your privileged access records within your Service Desk applications helps you provide a culture of accountability. You can be sure that your privileged credentials are only available to personnel who are authorized for access through a valid trouble ticket.

How It Works

The Privileged Identity – Service Desk integrations work by:

  • Verifying that the trouble ticket exists
  • Confirming that the ticket is assigned to the requesting user
  • Validating that the ticket is currently open
  • Ensuring that that the IT staff member who opened the ticket is authorized for privileged access to the relevant systems and applications

Once these criteria are met, the trouble ticket is logged into Privileged Identity along with details of the account, system(s), requester, time stamp, IP address and similar information. Only then is the password released.