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You need to ensure that only the right people can utilize the powerful privileged account passwords that control access to your systems with sensitive data. BeyondTrust Privileged Identity helps you do that by integrating with leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools.

Secure Access to Privileged Credentials

MFA requires users to identify themselves with two unique factors – something they know (such as a password or PIN) and something they have (such as a hardware or software token) – before they are granted access to sensitive systems.

This extra layer of security is particularly beneficial in preventing data breaches via common hacker exploits like key loggers, shoulder surfing and social engineering.

When BeyondTrust Privileged Identity is used in conjunction with MFA, only staff with physical possession of a hardware authenticator and properly provisioned credentials can access the passwords generated and stored by the BeyondTrust solution.

Integrating with Today's Top MFA Tools

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity supports a wide variety of MFA solutions out-of-the-box including Duo, RSA, Gemalto and Yubico. A fully OATH compatible MFA system is also provided with the product.