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IT professionals rely on network-connected remote access devices to manage critical server hardware without needing to be physically present in the datacenter. These devices give “lights-out” access to manage, patch and rebuild systems regardless of whether the computer operating system is functioning.

Remote Management Over Critical Servers

With these Lights Out Management (LOM) cards it’s possible for IT staff to remotely login to a local administrative console, reboot a machine, gauge its power supply, turn on and off the power, check fan speeds, update the BIOS and, in general, configure a system as if they were physically present. With this technology, almost anything an interactive user with physical access to the box can do, a remote user can do.

The Default Password Security Threat

In the right hands, LOM devices are great for IT operations. In the wrong hands, though, they provide backdoor access into your network.

The problem is that these remote access cards are accessible by distinct network addresses and come pre-configured with widely-known default privileged credentials. Organizations that do not secure the privileged logins on these devices risk exposing direct console access to unauthorized individuals. And they have no audit trail to show who accessed each device, when, and for what purpose.

Preventing Unauthorized Remote Access

BeyondTrust Privileged Identity continuously secures the LOM cards in your datacenter. It automatically discovers these devices throughout your network and then updates each of their passwords with cryptographically strong, unique credentials - while providing secure access through an audited web portal.

The internal controls and release mechanisms within Bomgar Privileged Identity provide a “check-out” and “check-in” process that automatically changes the passwords between usage. This ensures that there is only time-limited access available to these powerful consoles.

Lights Out Management Device Integrations

This was the first privileged identity management product certified by Dell PartnerDirect to secure the Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) cards on your network. It can also secure the HPE Integrated Lights-Out (HP iLO) devices in your datacenter, as well as other IPMI-compliant lights-out management cards.